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You can’t predict the future. You can’t predict what’s going to be on the test. But if you’re properly prepared then you’ll sometimes get a passing score. Here are some 5 studying tips to help you keep prepared. 

1. Grow from Your Mistake
It sucks to look at your old papers but it’s important. Look at your old work with the intent to never make the same mistake again. Find where you screwed up and learn how to prevent it.
Tip: Pace yourself, study a small section at a time. 

2. Have Fun
It’s easier to focus if you adapt to studying by challenging yourself, creating weird acronyms, or rewarding yourself a job well done. For example, why not reward yourself by eating a gummy bear, chunking a piece of chocolate or play one game of Mobile Legends every time you finish a chapter.

Facts: Eat plenty of fruits like berries and apples, which reduce the level of toxins in your blood stream and boost your concentration. Also popping some treats while studying will keep you awake.

3. Find Your ‘Zone’
Some students are early birds, while others are night owls. Some can focus better with loud noises in the background, while others prefer silence. Try different techniques and find out which are the most effective for ya.

4.  Write It Out 
Studies show that writing out your revision notes by hand will help you absorb and retain the information. Unleash your creativity. If you’ve got an artistic knack, feel free to let loose with your notes.

5. Lastly, Stay Well-Rested!!!
You don’t need to study hard, you NEED to rest! Sleeping and relaxing is an essential bodily function. Skipping it will create stress. Breaking your routine isn’t going to help. 

Study Smart Rizalians.